Telemetry-based mountain bike suspension set-ups

Get your bike set up  using the same telemtry kit as the likes of Greg Minaar, Reece Wilson, Myriam Nicole and many more.


Why use telemetry?

The only way you can possibly know exactly what your bike is doing when you ride is use instruments to take measurements as you ride. 

Once you get accurate measurements they can be used to set your bike up so that is it perfectly suited to you and your riding style.


"without data, you're really just guessing"

Greg Minnaar

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What we use

We use Motion Instruments position sensors and potentiometers along with Motion IQ software.
Any system can collect data but in my opinion this is the best suspension set-up software available and that can be seen when you look at the riders that use it; Greg Minnaar, Reece Wilson, Myriam Nicole, Tahnee Seagrave and many more.


Where we operate

When collecting data you want plenty of data points and good range. In other words; long runs with plenty of features.

We can operate anywhere, but being situated in Wales helps. North Wales boasts uplift venues Antur Stiniog, Revolution and Dyfi Bike Park. The less well known tracks at Foel Gasnach are ideal for an enduro set up and Llangollen works well too.

If you're further afield, drop us a line and we'll see what we can do. 

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About Us

This service is brand new and offered by very few people. When working with data experience is key and there are few if any in the UK with more experience with this system.
Check out some of our high profile clients and follow on Instagram to find out some more very soon. I'm working with athletes racing DH and Enduro at all levels.
This Autumn I dashed up the Fort William to work with Mikayla Parton ahead of World Champs. She came 5th!


Is it just for Pros?

Suspension set-up is not something that only racers can benefit from. A good set-up will make your bike climb better, descend better, find more grip,  feel more lively and generally make it more fun to ride. 

You don't need to be an expert either. If you are able to say "that felt better" or "that felt worse" then you know enough.

Why wouldn't you want to get the most out of your bike?




New bike set-up

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