My Story

In 2018 I upgraded my DH bike. With a DHX2 shock and Factory 40's up front it should have been the dream. But I was left disappointed and my riding went backwards. I just couldn't get the bike to feel right.

If you do some calculations it soon becomes apparent why (feel free to try this). When I multiplied all of the possible clicks of rebound and compression damping it turned out that there are in the order of 240 million combinations across the bike. You're 5 times more likely to win the lottery than to get this right by chance. Factor spring rate/air pressure and volume spacers and the possibilities are into the billions!

So where do you start? Until now the best possible options were factory settings or to pay for a calculated theoretical set-up. Neither take into account the speed you ride at, the tracks you ride, your body position on the bike, the width of your bars, your body type,  etc etc. They are intended to be a good starting point from which you make your own adjustments but if you can tell the difference between a compression stroke at 0.8 meters per second compared to 1.0 meters per second then you're a better man than me.

I have a degree in Industrial Chemistry and over 15 years experience of riding, racing and fixing mountain bikes of all types. Motion IQ is the love child of science and mountain biking. Motion sensors on your bike measure the position of your fork and shock at a rate of 200 data points per second. From that it can calculate the length, speed and position of every compression and rebound stroke. The data can then be used to optimise the spring rate, add or remove volume spacers and then fine tune the damping to make the bike more linear or progressive. We can then get the bike balanced just as you like it. Dialling your bike in is now a scientific process rather than a dark art.

When the bike is set up right it comes to life! 

I am totally convinced that if you've bought any bike for over say £2,000 you need this service to get the most out of it. In fact I would opt for a lower spec bike with a good set-up over a poorly set-up higher spec any day.

If you're racing it's an absolute no brainer. The same software is now in the hands of Santa Cruz, Specialized, Cannondale, Yeti, Ibis, Scott, Giant, Mondraker and more. I predict that within two years you will think it is absurd to race a bike that hasn't been tuned using telemetry.

Don't take my word for it though. Check out my social media posts.

See you soon.


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