Recommended Locations


Revolution Bike Park

With a huge selection of trails ranging from jumpy flow lines to super technical, fast, steep DH trails. Revs has something for any serious rider. One of the fastest uplifts in the country ensures plenty of runs for that perfect tune-up.

We're good friends with Revs so don't be put off if the park is sold out. We may be able to get you in.


Bike Park Wales

Use the uplift or pedal the laps out. Either way, make use of one of the UK's premier mountain venues to get your suspension set-up!

We can make use of the length of tracks here to get really reliable data. The variety makes it suitable for absolutely any level of rider.


Antur Stiniog

In the heart of Snowdonia this centre is stunning (on a good day). It boasts a great variety of trails now ranging from  Green graded to Black. Antur played host to round of the National DH series in 2021 using its 'new' Re Powder track. It went down a storm.

So, Antur is perfect if you've only ever ridden trail centres before or find Revolution a little too much. Stiniog is also great for setting up a bike because of it's consistency. The trails really don't change much through the year.

It's also a great option on a Monday as we are open and Antur is too.


One Giant Leap - Llangollen

Home of 3 tracks that have been used for downhill National Champs and home of 2021 EWS qualifier, this venue is an excellent option for the DH bike or Enduro bike.


Forest of Dean Cycle Centre

We'd recommend using the Fly Up uplift service but the FOD can be pedalled - especially on an e-bike. A wide selection of trails and excellent amenities make this a cracking location for a set-up day.


Pearce Cycles Venues

Make use of Pearce's legendary uplift and race series. Use the uplift to get your bike Dialled in for race day and for the season. 

If you're enduro or e-bike and happy to pedal then these are cracking locations for a set-up.

Check Pearce Cycles website for details of dates.



Perfect for the e-bike or enduro bike if you're prepared to pedal!

Particularly good if you're not one for the gnarly stuff.


Dyfi Bike Park

Long tracks and high speeds make this an awesome DH set-up venue. Obviously, it's perfect for a jump/freeride set-up too.

Mountain bike suspension Dialled.jpg


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Other locations

If you're interested in using a different location to those listed, drop us an email. 

I've used Bike Park Wales and even Fort William. There may be an additional charge to cover travel expenses but drop me a line and ask.