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Remote Support



Data files can be shared easily. Motion Instruments data can be shared as easily as firing off a Whatsapp message. BYB files can be shared via email.

This means that we have moved into a world where data from a bike in the United States can be fired almost instantly to an analyst in Wales and an interpretation returned.  If you have your own system, we can assist you with your set-up no matter where in the world you are located.


It's crazy, but this is where we are now.


Use Case 1

At World Cup level almost every top rider will use data acquisition to optimise their bike to the track. If you are a privateer racer or a fast junior there is a good chance that you don't have a mechanic of your own and certainly not one with a data acquisition system and the expertise to use it. This can really get into your head and ruin the whole experience.

If you're at this level, you should really consider buying your own system and using us as remote support. If you can't get your set-up right, bang your system on, do a run and send the data over. We'll get right back to you with advice.

This is a very cost-effective alternative to having a mechanic/data analyst with you.


Use Case 2

You live in an area or country where no one offers the service we do. This restricts you to traditional methods of set-up which you know will be inadequate if you progress to IXS or World Cup level racing.

Why not buy your own data acquisition system and use us remotely. I've worked with clients in the USA, France, Australia and Italy. You really can work with us no matter where in the world you are located. 

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