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Why are prices going up?

On the surface Dialled looks like a right money spinner. It's not hard graft and £265 for a day doesn't sound too bad. However, here are some of the costs you don't necessarily see:

-Travel expenses (Fuel, wear and tear on car etc)

-Public liability insurance

-Software subscriptions 

-Wear and tear on equipment (they are not really designed for UK conditions!)

-Consumables (including things like volume spacers)

-Website, domain, marketing, sponsorships etc

-Tax and Insurance (everything goes through the books for insurance reasons).

The upshot is that we're currently working a 12-hour day for less than minimum wage.

New customers

We still want to offer best value. Consider bringing a mate. Our two bike deal is best value. It's a full day of testing for each rider (not half a day each). Both bikes will get

telemetry kit and the full set-up experience. 

Wear and tear on two sets of instruments mean that we can't simply split the one bike set-up price between two. But, you do save because travel expenses etc are reduced.

We're aiming to reward customer loyalty so please book as normal on the website but rest assured that a 20% discount will be applied to any customer that has used our service previously. 

Thank you

Previous customers

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