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The Aim

This is not a team and it's not another 'grom' program. You can keep your team and existing sponsors.  This is a comprehensive race preparation package aimed at seriously elevating a select few riders. I'm not sure anything like this has been offered before!

It is open to anyone and we're looking for the 6 people that we think will benefit most from it.

These 6 riders will be guaranteed:

Two Data acquisition days using some of the most advanced systems in mountain biking. Including Motion Instruments, BYB Tech and Brake Ace, 35% off further days, priority booking and ongoing support from Dialled Telemetry worth approx £500

A personalised strength and conditioning program from Becci Skelton worth Approx £220

Nutrition plan from Chris Lowe worth approx £400

Mental coaching from Peaking High Performance worth approx £150

Riding skills and racecraft coaching from Joe Smith worth approx £300

Welcome pack including t-shirt, Roockguardz mudguard, custom jersey worth approx £70

That's a total of £1640 worth of services.

We're offering it at almost half that value and it's yours for £880

In addition, you will get:

A Pro Sponsorship deal with Silverfish UK plus other UK-based sponsors. If you buy a fork and shock, a season's worth of tyres and your cleaning products you will save another £2000! And you could get more!

Additional sponsorship/discount from 6seven Factory Racing, Freeride UK and  Rock Guardz.

Bike and set-up

Partner: Dialled Telemetry

1. Set Up and Testing

In a nutshell this is what you get:

Treat your bike to the best possible components with a Silverfish UK Pro sponsorship worth 35% of all products (except full bikes). That includes Fox, Michelin, Cush Core, Race Face, Easton and more. This is also a mega opportunity to associate yourself with one of the biggest distributors of mountain bike products in the UK!

Now get it running prime! You'll get two days of data acquisition and the option of further days at 35% off. You can use any of the available systems but I'd recommend starting the Motion Instruments and then fine tuning with the BYB system. Or, get the enduro bike done. In addition to dialling the bike in, this will give you an insight into the two main data acquisition systems used on the World Cup circuit. 

Also, don't miss the chance to be one of the first in the UK to experiment with the worlds first braking analyse specific equipment, Brake Ace.

Finally, keep things running sweet with 35% of servicing and repairs at Fox UK's official home, Silverfish UK. Oh, and don't forget your massive discount on Peaty's cleaning products and lubricants.

Strength and Conditioning

Partner: Becci Skelton MTB Training/Chris Lowe Nutrition

2. Strength, conditioning and nutrition

Over the last few years I've observed people that train well and people that don't. Training well is not just a case of rocking up to the gym and going hard, it's a science - literally!

Becci is best known for being a goon and drinking beer. Very few get to see her serious side.

Becci is a graduate Sports Scientist, highly qualified PT and sports masseuse with many years of experience. Oh, and she's quite handy on a bike too! The 2019 Elite UK Downhill series champion knows a thing or two about going fast and she's one of the few people you're likely to see throw suicide no-hander in the bike park!

You'll get the one-to-one treatment with Becci. That's a completely bespoke package lasting 8 weeks. It will take into account your current fitness, your work/college/school routine, your other commitments, the equipment available, injuries you carry and much more. Normally Becci's plans are 6 weeks and at a limited number of sessions per week. You are going to get a completely personalised training plan for up to 4 sessions a week, for 8 weeks! That's enough to make a significant difference.

In addition to your strength and conditioning program, you'll get support off professional Nutritionist, Chris Lowe. Chris has worked with a range of athletes over many years in disciplines ranging from Premier League football to rally driving. Chris will make sure you have the right fuel in the tank to get the most out of your training and to peak on race weekend.

Maybe you'll drop the program after 8 weeks but at least you will have experienced a proper training and nutrition plan devised by experts and I doubt you'll go back to making it up for yourself ever again.

Mental Approach

Partner: Peakin High Performance

Peakin High Performance

Ciaran King is an Elite downhill racer. In 2021 he won the Gravity Events series and came 5th overall in the National Series making him the fastest man without a UCI registered team!

He focused his efforts on the IXS cup in 2022. Momentum was building nicely with a podium at the third round. Unfortunately, injury struck.

Alongside his riding Ciaran has studied to become a High-Performance coach and he has been building a client base across multiple sporting disciplines. His passion is still with downhill though and you can draw upon his experience and expertise.

To keep your focus this package includes a 12 week / 6 session High Performance mental coaching program.

The program aims to help you set and achieve your goals and help you to maintain motivation as you train. They will focus on:

*Increasing motivation for training

*Controlling Nerves

*Gaining confidence

*Embracing pressure

* Getting into a flow state

*Performing in the race


Partner: Joe Smith

Joe Smith

Joe needs no introduction from me but just in case;

Joe has qualified for scores of World Cup finals, raced for multiple factory teams and contented for World Cup top tens. He's raced EWS and finished amongst the fastest and is considered a 'Redbull Hardline specialist'

Joe has been coaching at Dyfi Bike Park for the last 18 months or so but this is a rare opportunity to get some coaching with a group of like-minded riders with a similar aim, at an iconic Welsh venue.

Joe will deliver 2 sessions aimed at improving your race readiness. In session one he'll focus on some core skills that every racer needs. He'll also use the sessions to work out how session two can be best utilised.

This is an incredible opportunity to get some coaching from an absolute A-grade rider and an opportunity to pick his brains for tips. 


Silverfish UK Pro Sponsorship

SIlverfish UK PRO Sponsorship

This is literally priceless. Money cannot buy this aspect of the package!

All 6 selected riders will get a Silverfish UK PRO Sponsorship deals giving them 35% off everything except complete bikes. That means that in one swoop you effectively get a sponsor for suspension products and servicing, tyres and inserts, clothing and protection, shoes, tools, cleaning products and lubes, nutritional products and more. And, there are no compromises either. You're onboard with some of the best brands in the business including:

Fox products and servicing

Michelin tyres


Race Face


Cush Core 

And more!

Take a look at the website, make a wishlist and see how much you'll save with 35% off!



Welcome Pack

If all of the above is not enough you'll also receive a welcome pack including:

-A custom Rockguardz PG450 Mudguard plus discounts off future orders with them

-A 6Seven Factory Racing T-shirt, plus further discounts with them

-One of just 6 custom 'Dialled Performance' jersey (for the bike park days or make it your race jersey)

and of course, some stickers!


And Hopefully!



All of the above is promised!

In addition I plan to set up a Whatsapp groups so that everyone can collectively share their thoughts, tips and advice prior to a race. This obviously depends upon enguagment.

Ciaran King will do a Friday night track walk at the the National series rounds (If he is there )obviously this could fall through if he's injured for example).

I aim to take a test rider to as many National series locations as possible in advance of the race. We'll use the data bike to try and offer some specific adjustments you might make to suit a particular track.

I'll aim to put on to upifts at One Giant Leap (not included in the price) if they are wanted. (obviously this is subject to Martin's agreement/uplift)

I aim to please with this package so that it runs again in future. So, if I can help, I will. Whether that is advice or hooking you up with contacts. 

2023 Let's go!


Apply Now!

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