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Another UK First

Buy Motion Instruments Telemetry Euipment

For most people, set-up and forget is the way to go. In fact many of the worlds top riders have been pretty much doing this for as long as there has been mountain bike racing.

On the other hand, some people like a fettle!!

If that's you then this is your dream. You will never tire of seeing what your bike is up too. The more you test, the more you know and the more you can ensure that your bike is always optimised to conditions. 


Option 1

DH/Enduro Expert

The video shows Brook McDonald putting this exact system through it's paces.

Kit includes Motion Instruments patented fork tracer and 100mm rear potentiometer with carbon guard. A selection of mounting options are included allowing you to use it on different bikes. All presented in a robust protective carry case.

The fork tracer will work on forks ranging from 160 to 203 travel. So, most enduro and DH forks (including Fox 40/49's)

The deal breaker is our unrivaled after-sales support. We'll help you get the stuff installed and give you either a day in person or online on your first day using the instruments.

We'll also be on hand during world cup practice sessions and UK DH race weekends. So, you can run your data by us and get tips on any aspect you are struggling with. 


Option 2

DH/Enduro Pro

This system includes front and rear potentiometers. Each is covered with a carbon guard.

This option is for the serious racers. It offers more precision and importantly, more resistance to the UK weather! So, like Joe Breeden (in vid), you can be pretty much continuously testing.

Once your base settings are established you'll never be more than a few clicks out. You can have your bike dialled into a specific track within a few runs.

If you're at World Cup or EWS level, this is a total no brainer. You only have to look at who's using this system to realise; Greg Minaar, Reece Wilson, Amauri Pieron, Miriam Nicole, Laurie Greenland, Gee Atherton, the list is ever growing.


Why buy from Dialled?

Unrivaled customer support

This kit is freely available to buy from the States. However, if you buy from Dialled you will gain from our experience of using it.

First of all the equipment will arrive packaged up in a protective case so that these sensitive instruments do not get damaged.

You'll get help in person or via a live web meeting so that you can get the instruments installed the first time you use them  - this can be tricky.

You'll get day's testing with us. This can be taken as an online support day and done remotely or we can do it in person by appointment. We'll help you find your way around the app and give you some figures to aim for to get you started. By the end of the day you should know enough to start your own journey!


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