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BYB Testing Weekend



Based in Italy BYB have gained a real foothold on the World Cup circuit. The telemetry system gathers a multitude of data that can be used to look at everything from suspension set-up through lean angles and braking points. It's an information surge for the serious racer.

What can we learn?

The BYB system is without a doubt more arduous to install and interpret. This is why we are only offering it as a two-day service. That said, the volume of information that can be gleaned is insane!

Potentiometers on the fork and shock record suspension position at 500 points a second (as standard). The bike's head angle and leverage curve are fed into the calculation to convert the sensor position to the axle position of the bike. As you ride any axle movement greater than 10mm is recorded as a compression stroke or rebound stroke and its speed is calculated. In addition, brake sensors monitor the position of your brake levers indicating points on the track where you have dabbed the brakes or pulled on hard. Enhanced GPS gives your route and the software allows us to compare speeds through different sections of the track from run to run. A speed sensor on the wheel gives more accurate speed data as it doesn't have the lag of GPS averages. The software allows your braking and suspension movements to be overlayed on your GoPro footage. The possibilities are practically endless. You could spend months with this kit and still find things to analyse.

You'll see this system on the bikes of some of the world's fastest like the Amourie Perion and the UK's Jordan Williams.  

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How your weekend will look

Day 1: We'll meet at an agreed location (see locations) at least and hour before the uplift starts. This will allow a bit of time to kit the bike up with all of the sensors and ensure the wires are well out of the way.

We'll explain what the instruments are doing and how we use the data. Then we ride!

After each run we download the data a laptop. We'll focus initially on suspension data and make adjustments accordingly. We'll explain the advantages and disadvantages of any changes we make and always involve you in the decision-making process. 


I'll take the data away and begin to analyse your runs. I'll look at the interaction between suspension and braking to make sure that diving and squatting are at a minimum. I'll look at how and where you are using the brakes.

Day 2 will focus largely on learning about your braking habits. We'll look at where you hit the brakes relative to the apex of corners and where you dab them necessarily. The aim is to make you more aware of your habits so that you can improve performance on all of the tracks you ride, not just the track we are testing on.

We may make recommendations for custom tunes or upgrades. We are totally impartial though, so you can trust that we are not making recommendations in order to further profit.

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