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Multiple riders or bikes

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We often get people travelling quite a distance in order to get a bike set-up and all in all, it is quite expensive. It, therefore, stands to reason that we get a lot of people looking to share the cost with a friend.

We aim to help accommodate this but ask that you appreciate that when two sets of telemetry equipment go into use, there is twice the wear and tear and twice the risk - a bad day could wipe us out of business for weeks! Therefore, it is not simply a case of halving the price.

However, there are two ways that we can aim to accommodate multiple riders. 

Option 1: Two riders, two bikes

The first option is to set both bikes up simultaneously. So, that's two riders, two bikes and two full sets of Motion Instruments. This option gives both riders a full day of set-up as if they were a regular customer. 

It should be borne in mind that the day will need to start very early and you will not get quite the same level of individual discussion and advice as I'll be trying to keep both riders moving. But, there is a considerable cost saving and you'll save on travel expenses and potentially accommodation.

I highly recommend using a location with a quick turnaround like Antur Stiniog or making arrangements for an uplift at Llangollen (contact me to discuss).

For this option, book the multiple riders package.

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Option 2: Split Day

You definitely need a quick uplift turnaround like Antur Stiniog or Forest of Dean for this option to work. Or, make arrangements for a personal uplift in Llangollen (get in touch to discuss).


Essentially we'll put the instruments on one rider/bike for the morning, swap the kit to another person or bike at lunchtime and use the afternoon to work on the second bike.


This is not my preferred option for serious racers or riders on high-end Fox products. If you are running Rock Shox this can be a good option or if you are happy to get your bikes in the right ball park.


For this option book a '1 Day telemetry day' and contact us to let us know that you want to split it between bikes/riders. 



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