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Telemetry/Set-up Day

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This has been our bread and butter for nearly 3 years. When the Motion Instruments telemetry/data acquisition equipment went onto the market we were amongst the very first customers and the first in the Uk to use them commercially. Fast forward and we have experience of seeing the Motion IQ data for literally hundreds of bikes and riders. You can benefit from this experience.

What can we learn?

While the Motion Instruments equipment looks fairly simple, it is actually incredibly advanced.

Potentiometers on the fork and shock record suspension position at 200 points a second (as standard). The bike's head angle and leverage curve are fed into the calculation to convert the sensor position to the axle position of the bike. As you ride any axle movement greater than 10mm is recorded as a compression stroke or rebound stroke and its speed is calculated. This mass of data is fired instantly to an iPhone by Bluetooth and your IOS software becomes the laptop. Motion IQ software crunches the numbers and we get a ton of useful suspension data including dynamic sag, an indication of ramp-up, average and max compression and rebound speeds and much more. Uniquely, Motion IQ quantifies the balance of the bike's suspension in compression and rebound.

You'll see this system on the bikes of some of the world's fastest like Greg Minaar as well as some of the UK's fastest riders like Joe Breeden and Charlie Hatton.

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How your day will look

We'll meet at a location agreed (see locations) a little earlier than you might normally arrive. 

It takes around 30 minutes to install the equipment on your bike. We can do that while you kit up.

Depending on where you feel the bike is at we may start with some basics like setting sag. Our experience is that riders enjoy seeing how far off they are with their own settings though. We are happy to help with ergonomic adjustments like bar height, roll, level positions and so on.

We'll explain what the instruments are doing and how we use the data. Then we ride!

You don't need to ride like your life depends upon it. Just fast and consistent. With each run we analyse the data and make adjustments accordingly. We'll explain the advantages and disadvantages of any changes we make and always involve you in the decision-making process. Everyone's set-up preference is unique and we never force settings on a rider.

Typically 10 runs will have the job done and you'll have a base setting that will be suitable for pretty much any UK track. We'll write them up and show you how do check them. 

We may make recommendations for custom tunes or upgrades. We are totally impartial though, so you can trust that we are not making recommendations in order to further profit.

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