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This is a trial run and may never happen again!

We are offering the opportunity to get hold of your own system so that you can start maximising the off-season. Whether that is a case of squeezing more out of the bike you own, setting up a new rig or maybe you're raising the bar to World Cup level and want to take it with you.

The package includes:

1x Motion Instruments Expert kit pulse a variety of mounts enabling installation onto your DH bike and/or enduro bike. This will be packed up in a neat box with some other bits and pieces that we have found to be useful when you're testing. (If you want to upgrade to Pro kit I can get a price)

For the first time ever you'll receive your system along with a day of face-to-face training with me (Dave). You'll learn how to get the system installed, calibrated and up and running. You'll learn some suspension fundamentals and what to look for in the data you collect.

This will be followed up with a day at Revolution Bike Park (uplift and lunch included) where you can test your kit out alongside your peers and with me there to share my experience.

I'll also be available for online support as you need it throughout the season.


Click on the service below. Chose a location. Dates with a 'dot' are available.

You will need to pay a non-returnable £50 deposit upon booking. This will secure your date.


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If there is a variation of a service or a specific location that you would like, please fill in the 'contact form' and we'll aim to accommodate your request.


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