25% Deposit

Secure a date by booking and making a 25% deposit.

Use the discount code 'Deposit' when you book and you'll only be charged 25% of the service you book. Pay the rest closer to your set-up day.

(note: The deposit is non-returnable unless the day cancelled/postponed by Dialled Telemetry. If we have to cancel due to covid a new date will be arranged. We're pretty reasonable) 



Hopefully things will get a little slicker in terms of booking after the covid situation eases. For now it's like this:

1. Choose a product below and click on 'book now'. Check availability with Dialled.

(Don't worry, it won't take your money!)

2. Check availability at the location of your choice on their website.

Use the discount code 'Deposit' to secure the date.

3. If the stars align, book Dialled and your uplift.   

(If Dialled is available but the bike parks are not, get in touch, we may be able to use Llangollen or Caersws)


Other locations

If you're interested in using a different location to those listed, drop us an email. 

I've used Bike Park Wales and even Fort William. There may be an additional charge to cover travel expenses but drop me a line and ask.

  • 55 British pounds
  • Venue flexible

    220 British pounds
  • Uplift included

    250 British pounds
  • Two days of testing. Book as a weekend or one day with a follow-up.

    390 British pounds
  • 1 season of full support. You simply can't get this elsewhere.

    800 British pounds

Brand Ambassadors

I'm always on the lookout for effective brand ambassadors. Hit me up with some more info about yourself and what you can do to promote the brand. Maybe we can work together.