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Telemetry Testing Day

Collecting data is one thing. Collecting useful data is another. Motion IQ presents the data in a useful, usable format that can get us from scratch to a very very good set-up in a day. This is the best kit for this job, for sure.

The equipment was developed in conjunction with Greg Minaar around the World Cup allowing us to get the bike locked in a relatively short period of time.

If you are racing at any level, you NEED this. No question about it.

If your bike has high and low speed adjustments. You NEED this. You'll never optimise it without.

If you've spend over £2k on your bike - you are mad not to do this!!

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Becci Skelton, UK Downhill series, Fox 40, Fox DHXII, Peaty's Products, Troy Lee Designs,

"bike feels proper mint"

Becky Skelton, British Champion 2019 -

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More than jagged lines

Don't be deceived by a lack of wires. Motion IQ takes data from motion sensors on the front and rear of the bike and generates an array of charts and figures. Used correctly, the data can be used to optimise the range of motion and compression and rebound velocities of the bike. 

You won't believe the difference and you'll never go back!

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Is it just for Pros?

"Honestly, that's mad. Well impressed" - Alyssa Podesta, Giant/Liv

Suspension set-up is not something that only racers can benefit from. A good set-up will make your bike climb better, descend better, find more grip,  feel more lively and generally make it more fun to ride. 

You don't need to be an expert either. If you are able to say "that felt better" or "that felt worse" then you know enough.

Why wouldn't you want to get the most out of your bike?

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Is it just for downhill bikes?

Certainly not!

In all honesty, modern enduro bikes can be just as, if not more complex to get right.

We sponsored  Alex Storr and Jake Ebdon in 2021. They are now Under 21 British Champion and British Under 21 National Series overall Champion respectively.

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£265per day

For this price your bike, fork and shock will be researched so that we work to optimise it in line with its design characteristics.

We'll meet up at a venue of your choice (travel expenses my apply if it is not one of the listed locations). Equipment will be installed before the uplift starts.

You'll get a full day of riding and testing. The data will point out what we need to do to get the most out of your bike. Changes will be made throughout the day and by the end you should have a noticeably better set-up bike.

Feel free to bring a mate to ride with and make. the most of the day.

Telemetry testing day: Welcome


You want a good range of data but you also want plenty of runs allowing us to make small adjustments at a time.

Luckily we are blessed with a selection of awesome venues in North Wales.

My personal recommendations are Antur Stiniog or Revolution Bike Park. Purely based on the quick turnaround of the uplifts.

We also have options to use Caersws Bike Park and One Giant Leap, Llangollen.

Telemetry testing day: Video
Revolution Bike Park
Foel Gasnach
Antur Stiniog, Stiniog
Dyfi bike park
Llangollen, One giant leap
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