Stacey Fisher
(Tansition Bikes)


(female elite/world cup)

 Working together with the current british champion as she prepares for her first World Cup season. 


Out of nowhere?

Stacey has been racing motocross since the age of 7 and has raced all over the world. In 2018, ravaged with injuries, she decided to quit.

2019 she thought she'd have a stab at DH mountain bike racing. She entered the national series as a senior and won every single round. What is more, she clocked fastest female time of the day at 3 of the 5 rounds. She completed a perfect season with a win a national championships.

Stacey takes the jersey into elite and is preparing for her first season of world cup racing. I'm very happy to working with a racer that is certain to be stepping onto some podiums when we finally get some racing.


Hop on board

Stacey was was set up on factory setting and conventional wisdom. The data revealed that she was only actually using around 100mm of fork travel and was regularly bottoming out on the rear. On a greasy track her speed was good but erratic at best.

In just one day of testing we'd taken 20s off her time on the track we were using and she was consistent and controlled at that pace. There is still scope to improve too.

Hop on board and see how it looks.


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