2 day pro-testing

Weekend or testing day with follow-up day


For the serious racer

One day with the telemetry will get you a very good set-up.

Two days will have it as precise as possible and tested at multiple venues.

Not only will we have your bike race-ready but, as long as you are in a good starting place, we can usually aim to work out multiple set-ups that may work at different tracks or in different conditions. Or, we can aim to put different set-up options against the clock.

You'll also leave knowing that you have a set-up that will work on different terrain.

If you're a serious Enduro or DH racer, this is a no-brainer. You don't have to be a pro for this service.


Use Case 1

Becky Cook

Becky Cook finished 7th overall in the last full year of EWS before covid. She knows what she wants - fast!

We used Caersws on day one to optimise spring rate and rebound. Giving us a good base to experiment from.

We went on to find two set-ups that were nicely balanced. One stiff and linear, the other more subtle and progressive. 

On day two we took it to One Giant Leap, Llangollen and put the two set-ups against the clock. We found 4 seconds difference across an average of multiple runs! One set-up was significantly faster.


"I only want Dave's perfect settings now" - Mikayla Parton


Use Case 2

Mikayla Parton

In September 2020 I whizzed up north to Fort Bill. It made sense to set Mikayla up on a track she knows well and the only World Cup track in the UK.

We did two days of testing and got the bike pretty sweet!

Two weeks later she came 5th at World Champs and went on to cement her position as the fastest female privateer on the planet. Every little helps!

It is difficult to get the same level of precision in one day. Two days in North Wales is ideal.


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Use Case 3

Jake Ebdon

Jake travelled from Scotland to mid Wales - a fair old trek.

Sometimes a bike is in a good place pretty quickly. Sometimes it takes longer.

For Jake we had his Bronson EWS ready in one day. We used day 2 to get his V10 dialled.

Not a bad a weekend.


£490 per weekend/Two days

Use the booking system to check availability then make the booking for your first day. Email to let us know when you want to use your second day.