New bike set-up

Trail center £220

Bike park £250 (recommended)

It's not just for racers!

If you've bought a mountain bike worth around £1800 or more at rrp then you need this service! I'd go as far as to say that you should factor this service into your budget when considering which bike to buy. 

Spending more will not necessarily make you quicker. As you go up to higher specification suspension you get more and more adjustability. That's great if you do a detailed set-up. Without data though, you're probably going to struggle to get the most out of the bike and may feel disappointed. 

It's not all about speed though. A good suspension set-up will give you better control and make the bike more lively and fun to ride. It will both climb and descend better when properly set up.

Click here to find out more about what's involved.


"It's not just for racers. Everyone needs this doing"

Mikayla Parton


Shop Set-up

A good shop set-up could cost you up to £100. You may be able to set a good static sag. Everything else is a guess without gathering data with you on the bike, in your riding position at the speeds you ride.

It simply not comparable to a telemetry-based set-up.


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