Mikayla Parton
(Trek Uk/Greenpower/Nevis Range/Endura)

The fastest wee lassie in Scotland. Former Scottish champion and world cup racer.


"I feel like I have a lot more control of my bike. It feels more planted and direct and it feels like I'm keeping more speed out of certain sections"

Mikayla Parton


Mikayla is a talent! After just a few years of riding bikes she's racing at the highest level. After an injury ruined 2019 she's back and hungrier than ever. 

A 15th place at world champs 2020 is her best best result to date but there's certainly more to come! Best of luck for this season. I can't wait to see what we can do in 2021.


Instagram: @mikaylaparton



Mikayla's story (so far)

A Fort William local girl, Mikayla grew up on skiiing and worked for Nevis Range as in instructor. At age 19 she finally twigged what those tracks beneath the gondala's were. She bought a bike, the rest is history.


Fort William

I spent some time testing and setting up with Mikayla ahead of World Championships. Mikayla an absolute pleasure to work with, so keen to learn and improve. She's certainly one to watch I'm really excited by the prospect of helping her get to the next level in racing career.

I also fell in love with Scotland while I was there and I'm now happy to say that I would travel to Scotland for a group booking. Drop me a message.


World Champs 2020

5th fastest in the world.
Fastest British female.
Fastest female privateer.
Fastest mouse on the planet!


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