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Suspension set up, Coed Llandegla, One Planet Adventure

Fundamental suspension set-up


Get it right!

It always amazes me how many people spend a fortune on a bike but then never take the time to get the basics right. This package will get you in the right ballpark.

Using the experience of collecting data and working with pro and semi-pro athletes, we can get your suspension working pretty well for a modest price. 



Available weekday evenings through the summer months using Coed Llandegla/One Planet Adventure.

We'll do some basics in the car park then use the skills area and trails to get it pretty well set up. 

I'll teach you the basics of what your suspension is doing and the meaning of the terms being banded around. I'll give you some pointers on things you can try if you want to go away and experiment yourself.

A popular option, me for availability.

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