Just £220

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Like it or not, we'll probably all end up electric! You're still need a good setup to get the most from your bike on those descents.

The e-bike makes things easy. Choose a section of trail with a bit of everything and bang laps out until week get it tweaked to perfection. 

You've got electric on the ups, let's put a fire under the downs!


How does it work?

We'll strap a fork sensor and shock sensor to your bike and then go ride. The instruments busily acquire data at a rate of 200 points per second.  We use the data to see exactly what your bike is doing.

It makes sense to find a section of trail that contains a variety of features and lap it. With each lap we'll review the data and make a couple of tweaks. 

You'll feel the bike come to life.

The beauty of the e-bike is that you can fairly easily do a lot of laps! We'll have it running like a dream.



I'm based in North Wales so pretty versatile - it's up to you.

We can use natural enduro trails but you'll need a section of trail that's 2-3 minutes long (or multiple runs) for any kind of reliable measurements. 

It's probably better to use a trail centre. A well balanced bike will still work well anywhere. I'm in easy reach of:

Coed Llandegla


Coed y Brenin




'Bring a mate'

Just £400

I have two sets of telemetry kit so we can do two bike simultaneously. 

It will need an early start because we'll need to kit both bikes up and there will be a little more time needed between runs to analyse and make adjustments, so this is not optimal. But, you can save some money and get your bike done while having a ride with your mate.


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