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If you're a decent rider you will know a good bike set up and you'll know when your bike just doesn't quite feel right. You'll also realise that factory settings only give you a starting point and do not take into account how you ride, where you ride, how high you run bars, whether you like your weight forward or off the back etc etc etc.

You're also expected to work out high and low speed compression and damping settings. But, if you're able to simulate a high speed compression (1000mm/s) in the car park then you're a stronger man than me! If you really know your bikes you can experiment and eventually get there but how many days at the bike park will that take?

The fact is that when you progress to more complex forks and shocks you gain potential but without telemetry you're probably never going to get the most out of them.


What can we do?

We can use the data to work out optimum spring rates/air pressures and an optimum number of volume spacers. We can then look to custom set up rebound speeds and tune in high and low speed compression damping to give the bike balance (assuming you shock/fork have these adjustments). From here we can quantifiably tune your bike to the way you ride and how you like it to feel. 

This package is driven by my own experience. I massively upgraded my bike but it felt like a backward step. I couldn't get it set up right and fell out of love with riding. This package will bring your bike life and you're going to love every ride afterwards!! 



I'm also well placed to work from:

Revolution Bike Park

Antur Stiniog

Foel Gasnach

Dyfi Bike Park


For further afield drop me a message and we'll see what we can work out.



'Bring a mate'

Just £390

I have two sets of telemetry kit so we can do two bike simultaneously. 

It will need an early start because we'll need to kit both bikes up and there will be a little more time needed between runs to analyse and make adjustments, so this is not optimal. But, you can save some money and get your bike done while having a ride with your mate.


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