Data Support and Training

Bought your own system but want help?


Remote support

If your racing at high level you may want to buy your own data acquisition system to set-up your bike and use at races. 

However, being a good rider or mechanic does not necessarily make you a good data analyst.

You can potentially record data at a World Cup practice in Maribor and I can analyse it and make recommendations based on my experience, from the UK. 

No one else offers this!



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If you've bought a Motion Instruments system then you will appreciate that it is not Shockwiz! It is far superior.

However, it does not give advice. Every bike is different and even fitting the kit can be a challenge. Then there are hundred of ways you could set up a bike so where do you start?

I've spent months devising a and refining a system for getting from factory settings to a personalised set-up in a day. I've also set suspension up for a range of people including EWS and World Cup downhill racers through to beginner riders. 

If you have bought your own system and want to know how to get the most out of it or if you are a shop owner and want to be able to offer a set-up service. Get in touch and enquire about a training day for yourself or your staff. It could save hundred of hours.


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